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April 2016

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The Discharge of a Burden: General Issues - 1

 burden of God on a heart or the revelation received will issue in prayer depending on what happens to the heart on the reception of the revelation or burden. What happens will depend on what typ read more..

Edifying Articles

Too Late (ZT Fomum)

The Gospel tract "too late" by prof. ZT Fomum, acted out. ... read more..

Edifying Articles

Spiritual Roots

What are roots in the life of a believer? How can a believer develop roots? We see in plants that normally roots are that part of a plant that is underground. You easily see the stem, the branches, th... read more..

Edifying Articles

Preparation For Marriage

Teaching on how the leaders of the local church should prepare the brethren for marriage, given during the leader's training course in Moudou - Tchad in January 2016 ... read more..

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