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March 2017

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The Ministry of Angels!

The superiority of the Lord Jesus over angels and arch-angels is clearly proclaimed in the Word. The Bible says, “In the past God spoke to our fore-fathers through the prophets at many times ... read more..

Edifying Articles

The Reward of The Worldly Believer

Lot had chosen the way of Sodom because of the desire for cattle and worldly success. He might have doubled, tripled or quadrupled his possessions in Sodom. He possibly had a lot of possessions, bu... read more..

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The Way to Fruit Bearing

Selfish ambitions have no place in the life of any would-be disciple. In the world, people live for self. There are two types of people in the world - those with great worldly ambitions who because... read more..

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A warrior

Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum was born in the flesh on 20th June 1945 and born of the Holy Spirit on 13th June 1956. He made an absolute surrender of himself to the Lord Jesus and to His service on ... read more..

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Seeking God

I am troubled by the difference in the number of people who attend church on Sunday morning and the number that attend the church prayer meeting. In one country, I attended the prayer meeting in a ... read more..

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Life-changing Thoughts On Marriage

THERE ARE HUSBANDS who know what is wrong with their wives but they would not confront them. There is a time when you should be a wife to be a sister in the Lord. After all you were brother and sis... read more..

Edifying Articles

Inner Wealth - 1

The advantage I had was that I was already a mature believer before I started to serve the Lord. When I was a young believer I was caught up with God, I was not caught up with serving God. D... read more..

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