The All Creation Gospel Crusade

Amener 1 milliard de personnes dans 250 nations à connaitre Jésus-Christ comme seigneur et sauveur et qu’elles soient faites disciple pour lui obéir en toutes choses et organisées pour se réunir dans 25 millions d’églises de maison d’ici l’an 2065.

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The Making of Disciples

To bring 1 billion people in 250 nations to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and be made into disciples who obey Him in all things and meets in 25 million house churches by the year 2065 AD.

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Precipitate The Gobal Revival

Cooperate with God in prayer and fasting and intercession for the global revival that will tear the heavens, shake the earth, glorify Christ in our generation in order to precipitate the imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ from heaven to meet with His Bride made ready


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